The debut single—out 8 November


We are Domes

This is metal with elements of space rock and post-hardcore, blending Tool, Deftones and Mastodon in considered ways. “We’re writing songs that we want to hear. We’re going after heavy music that’s forward-looking,” says Bosher. Not overstating the musicality nor telling the story plainly, the songs are conceptually deep and artistically broad. “We were looking for meaningful moments: richness of tone, nuanced performance, curious lyrics,” Kahi reflects. Indeed the laconic run-times are no less elaborate in traversing post-metal tropes and thematic landscapes.

The debut single Malady opens the canopy as the band charts a course across juxtaposed styles, meticulous tonal detail and broad strokes of kinetic energy. These push against the usual constraints of rock instrumentation. The chorus refrain, “Try not to imagine a great big emptiness looming there between us,” speaks to the compelling if disturbing qualities of the track. Tense harmonic intervals float over the depth-charge bass fuzz. At the end of the barrage, the band hints at a frictional energy between riffs and textured moments contained in future releases.

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